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Innovative ways to use your ECM system

Posted by Archives New Zealand on 18 August 2016

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The term ECM – that is Enterprise Content Management is being heard more and more.

But what can these systems do? What value could they add to your organisation?

At the recent ECMaaS forum, run by the Department of Internal Affairs, we were intrigued by the innovative ways both large and small organisations were using their ECMS.  Common themes were - knowing what users need, and applying this knowledge to develop integrative and innovative ECM solutions.  

Four presentations stood out.

DOC are working to push out information content to their staff using mobile devices. Key to this was  the niffy ‘dash board’ app they developed.

The Ministry for Pacific Peoples (~ 45 staff) information development project took a broad view of their environment. They decided that for the long term, a cloud-based “information as a service” best met the needs of servicing their 5 sites. 

Taking a completely different track, NZQA are utilising the workflow capability of their ECMS to build an innovative moderation assessment process for both their own staff and school teachers.

 For NZQA, the social media collaboration pilot module has teachers enthused about reducing paperwork and increasing quality. This type of project has the potential for creating a favourably viewed ECM platform for other information and records management related initiatives.

And finally, NZTA now have user uptake of 90% for their new ECMS – up from 34% for their previous system!  The great governance model was a key driver.  Their work with external contracted parties means secure collaborative working spaces were essential, now there is the potential for innovative sector collaboration.

If you’d like to share the innovative ways your organisation is using an ECMS please feel free to leave a comment on this blog.  


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