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Best practice guidance for governance

The key guidance listed below will assist organisations to implement a governance framework for effective information and records management. 

Best practice guidance for systems design

The key guidance listed below will assist organisations to ensure systems are designed with information and records management requirements embedded.

Best practice guidance for operational delivery

The key guidance listed below will assist organisations with the operational delivery of information and records management.


Governance frameworks are critical to the achievement of effective information and records management to ensure support for all business functions and operations.

Systems design

Information and records management ensures the creation, usability, maintenance, and sustainability of the information and records needed for business operations.

Operational delivery

Operational delivery is the day to day activity of information and records management systems, practices, and processes across an organisation.

Disposal - Precedent register example

A precedent register can act as documentation and evidence of decisions an organisation has made when applying a disposal authority.  It can be particularly useful for sentencing problem information and records as it can guide future sentencing projects and ensure continuity of sentencing decisions.

Implementation guide

The Implementation guide is designed to help your organisation understand and apply the requirements of the standard.