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Case study: First end-to-end born-digital transfer

In 2016 Archives New Zealand opened the doors to digital transfers with the release of two factsheets outlining the interim operating model and explaining digital transfer readiness characteristics.  The Civil Aviation Authority expressed interest in testing mutual capabilities in a transfer pilot. This case study overviews this first end-to-end born-digital transfer from a...

File formats for digital transfers – what you need to know

As you know Archives New Zealand is now accepting digital transfers.

Text messages

If an organisation uses text messaging or another instantaneous, non-sequential electronic communication mechanism to conduct business, these communications are considered records under the Public Records Act 2005.

File Format Migration – Considerations before you begin

Currently, Archives New Zealand openly accepts and encourages the transfer of all kinds of files, formats, and information; we do not prescribe one file format over another, nor do we require any particular type!