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File formats for digital transfers – what you need to know

As you know Archives New Zealand is now accepting digital transfers.

The Importance of Checksums

In the light of the recent interest in checksums, here is a revised version of the blog originally published last year.

Who holds the keys to your Content Management System?

Archives New Zealand released the first version of its Digital Transfer Readiness Characteristics guidance in October 2016.

Digital preservation at Archives New Zealand: the tools

Archives New Zealand’s tools for digital preservation come from a variety of sources and where possible are open-source and/or community driven, proven, and best-of-breed.

Checksums and a digital transfer case study - new guidance released

Did you know that the beautiful marbling on the edges of index and register books, like the one pictured, has a purpose?

File Format Migration – Considerations before you begin

Currently, Archives New Zealand openly accepts and encourages the transfer of all kinds of files, formats, and information; we do not prescribe one file format over another, nor do we require any particular type!

Archives digipres team and World Digital Preservation Day today!

 Photo: Carmen Heister, Francesca Chrystall, Carly Lenz and Joshua Ng (Archives New Zealand digital preservation team members) expressing what their digipres work means to them on Public Service Day 2018.