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New guidance on information assets and administrative change

Posted by Archives New Zealand on 3 August 2017

Asset managment


Information Assets

Archives New Zealand has now released guidance about some of the benefits of information assets and how to identify and manage them:

Information Assets (17/F22). Word versionPDF version.

Identifying and managing information assets (17/F23). Word versionPDF version.

Ask questions if you need further clarification – you will be asking on behalf of others. We will publish FAQs around information assets if continuing questions arise or, if needed, provide other opportunities for discussion.

Administrative change

Also released this quarter is a guide providing an overview of the transfer of public records between organisations during administrative change (section 23 of the Public Records Act 2005).

Managing information and records during administrative change (17/G14). Word version PDF version.

Administrative change can include:

•Disestablishment of a function or an organisation

•Transfer of function to another government organisation

•Amalgamation of an organisation into a larger organisation

•Transfer of function to a private entity.

Administrative change can be the result of:

•New legislation

•Reshuffle of Ministerial portfolios

•Change of Government after an election

•Merger or de-merger of organisations

•Changes directed by government.

Public offices must notify the Chief Archivist within three months of administrative change as this is a transfer process. Local authorities may also be affected by administrative change and can use this guide.

The Implementation Guide has been updated to include this new guidance.

 If you need further clarification or advice please contact Archives New Zealand. As usual, please use as your first point of contact.


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