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Case study: First end-to-end born-digital transfer

In 2016 Archives New Zealand opened the doors to digital transfers with the release of two factsheets outlining the interim operating model and explaining digital transfer readiness characteristics.  The Civil Aviation Authority expressed interest in testing mutual capabilities in a transfer pilot. This case study overviews this first end-to-end born-digital transfer from a...

Digital transfer initiation - characteristics

Archives New Zealand (Archives) has developed methods for processing digital information and records into the Government Digital Archive and making them accessible through Archway, Archives’ archival management system.

Digital transfer initiation – how to prepare

Archives New Zealand has developed tools and methods for organisations to use for the transfer initiation stage.

Digital transfer overview

Archives New Zealand takes a modular and iterative approach to guidance development as our tools and methods continue to evolve.


Information and records disposal refers to the range of processes associated with implementing retention, transfer or destruction decisions.

Disposal - Authorisation

A key element in effective information and records management is implementing disposal.

Disposal - Transfer

This guide provides an overview of the transfer of physical and digital information and records under the Public Records Act 2005, including the transfer of control and custody to Archives New Zealand, and between organisations.

Key obligations - Public Records Act 2005

The Public Records Act 2005 (the Act) establishes a regulatory framework for information management across the public sector in New Zealand.

Transport of your transfer to Archives New Zealand

Organisations are responsible for arranging and coordinating the safe transport of information and records approved for transfer to the control and custody of Archives New Zealand.

New Guidance Release

 It has been three months, since we released the new look Information and records management standard and Implementation guide.  In that time, we have been busy receiving nominations for Executive Sponsors and developing new, refreshed and reviewed guidance. 

Suspension of physical transfers to Archives New Zealand's Wellington repository

Archives New Zealand advises that it has suspended the transfer of physical records to its Wellington repository at Mulgrave Street until 1 December 2017.  

Suspension of Physical Transfers to the Wellington Office of Archives New Zealand

The suspension of physical transfers to the Wellington Office of Archives New Zealand has now been extended indefinitely.