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Statutory instruments

As part of our regulatory role, Archives New Zealand is responsible for issuing mandatory and discretionary standards and instructions.

List of protected records for local authorities

The classes of local authority records listed may not be disposed of by the controlling local authority without the prior approval of the Chief Archivist, and without notifying the Chief Archivist of its intention to dispose of those records, identifying the protected record concerned, and specifying how the record will be disposed of.

Maintenance of public archives - Instruction to approved repositories

This instruction specifies requirements for the maintenance of all physical (non-digital) public archives that have been transferred to the control of all approved repositories authorised under the Archives Act 1957 or the Public Records Act 2005.

Protection and preservation of protected records - Instruction to local authorities

Local authority archives are local authority records that are no longer in current use by the controlling local authority or have been in existence for 25 years or more.