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Authority to retain public records in electronic form only

This Authority is issued by the Chief Archivist under section 229(2) of the Contract and Commercial law Act 2017.

Destruction of source information after digitisation

Under the Contracts and Commercial Law Act 2017 (CCLA) and the Public Records Act 2005 (PRA), public offices and local authorities have conditions to meet before destroying the source information after converting to electronic form (referred to in this Guide as “digitisation”).


Information and records disposal refers to the range of processes associated with implementing retention, transfer or destruction decisions.

Disposal - Authorisation

A key element in effective information and records management is implementing disposal.

Disposal - Precedent register example

A precedent register can act as documentation and evidence of decisions an organisation has made when applying a disposal authority.  It can be particularly useful for sentencing problem information and records as it can guide future sentencing projects and ensure continuity of sentencing decisions.

Disposal register - example

Disposal registers act as control documentation to prove that the information and records created by an organisation no longer exist or are no longer under their control.

Disposal - Sentencing

Sentencing is the term used to describe the process of applying a disposal authority and its disposal actions across an organisation's information and records.  A "sentence" specifies the minimum amount of time that information and records need to be retained for business purposes and their fate.

Disposal - Transfer

This guide provides an overview of the transfer of physical and digital information and records under the Public Records Act 2005, including the transfer of control and custody to Archives New Zealand, and between organisations.


This General Disposal Authority 6 (GDA6) has been developed for the use of public offices wishing to dispose of common corporate records legally.


General Disposal Authority 7 (GDA 7) covers generic classes of records of any format that have only short-term transitory value in their immediate and minor facilitation of preparing a more complete public record.  Therefore they are not required for evidential or legal purposes.

General Disposal Authorities

Archives New Zealand issues General Disposal Authorities (GDAs) to help organisations decide what to do with common public information and records.

Integrated information and records systems, processes and practices

Information and records management requirements need to be proactively identified, designed and integrated in all of your organisation’s business systems, processes and practices.

Key obligations - Public Records Act 2005

The Public Records Act 2005 (the Act) establishes a regulatory framework for information management across the public sector in New Zealand.

Maintenance of public archives - Instruction to approved repositories

This instruction specifies requirements for the maintenance of all physical (non-digital) public archives that have been transferred to the control of all approved repositories authorised under the Archives Act 1957 or the Public Records Act 2005.

Managing information and records during administrative change

This guide provides an overview of the transfer of public records between organisations during administrative change.

Metadata for information and records

Metadata helps people to find, understand, authenticate, trust, use, and manage information and records.

Methods of destruction

Under Section 18 (i) of the Public Records Act 2005 (the Act) a public record or local authority protected record cannot be destroyed without the authorisation of the Chief Archivist.

Minimum requirements for metadata

Organisations must manage metadata associated with information and records. 

Outsourcing business

It is important that organisations identify and address information and records management requirements associated with the outsourcing of business functions and activities.

New Guidance Release

 It has been three months, since we released the new look Information and records management standard and Implementation guide.  In that time, we have been busy receiving nominations for Executive Sponsors and developing new, refreshed and reviewed guidance. 

Disposal moratorium on records relevant to the Royal Commission issued by the Chief Archivist

On 28 March 2019 the Chief Archivist issued a General Notice revoking authority to dispose of public records under section 20 of the Public Records Act 2005 (the Act).