Records Toolkit

Archives New Zealand’s guidance on information and records management

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Access authority form


Appraisal statement

Authority to retain public records in electronic form only

Case study: First end-to-end born-digital transfer


Deferred transfer and access status template - with examples

Destruction of source information after digitisation

Digital transfer initiation - characteristics

Digital transfer initiation - readiness assessment

Digital transfer overview


Disposal authorisation

Disposal - Precedent register example

Disposal register - example

Disposal schedule and access status template

Disposal - Sentencing

Disposal - Transfer

Effective information and records management

Executive Sponsor - Role and responsibilities

Information and records management strategy

Integrated information and records systems, processes and practices

Key definitions

Key obligations - Public Records Act 2005

Protection and preservation of protected records - Instruction to local authorities

Providers of education and training in information and records management

Storage of physical records

Text messages

Transfer agreement form

Transport of your transfer to Archives New Zealand