Records Toolkit

Archives New Zealand’s guidance on information and records management

Best practice guidance for operational delivery

The key guidance listed below will assist organisations with the operational delivery of information and records management.

Archives New Zealand

Monitoring (16/F7). Word version. PDF version.

Information and records management policy (16/F10). Word version. PDF version.

Integrated information and records systems, processes and practices (16/G2). Word version. PDF version.

Maintenance of public archives - Instruction to approved repositories (16/Sp2). Word version. PDF version.

Protection and preservation of protected records - Instruction to local authorities (16/Sp3). Word version. PDF version.

List of protected records for local authorities (16/Sp4). Word version. PDF version. 

List of protected records for local authorities - Explanatory notes (16/G4). Word version. PDF version.

GDA6: Common corporate service public records (16/Sp5). Word version. .

GDA7: Facilitative, transitory, and short-term value records (16/Sp6). Word version.

Metadata for information and records (16/F8). Word version. PDF version.

Public access to information and records (16/F12). Word version. PDF version.

Storage of physical records (16/F13). Word version. PDF version.

Disposal (16/F15). Word versionPDF version.

Methods of destruction (16/F1). Word version. PDF version.

General Disposal Authorities (16/F16). Word version. PDF version.

Minimum requirements for metadata (16/G7). Word version. PDF version.

Local government

ALGIM Information Management Toolkit

Information Security

Open data Toolkit for Agencies

Open data Toolkit for Local Government

Guidance on Privacy Management

Official Information - Guides


ISO 15489-1:2016 Information and documentation – Records management – Part 1: Concepts and principles

AS/NZS 5478:2015 Recordkeeping metadata property reference set (RMPRS)

AS ISO 23081.1:2006 Metadata for records – Principles

AS/NZS ISO 23081.2:2007 Metadata for records – Conceptual and implementation issues

[AS/NZS ISO 23081.3:2012 Managing metadata for records – Self assessment method 

These standards are available for purchase from Standards New Zealand